Experience Cue's Impressive Mastering Services.


Mastering is sophisticated audio processing that enhances and technically
prepares your final mix for CD duplication or replication. This includes
 "P&Q" subcoding, and other processes / information that
 are essential for a properly mastered record.

Expensive mastering gear like tube compressors, specialized equalizers,
and accurate reference monitors separate true mastering facilities
from edit rooms with inexpensive digital audio software.

The Manley MU Variable Tube Compressor  is used by the top professional
mastering studios doing major record label projects.  Its many
applications include adding "warmth", "punch", and an
overall smoothness to the finished product.

The Focusrite Red 2 Stereo Equalizer can increase the clarity of many frequencies.
Additionally, the Red 2 has the ability to correct certain problems
associated with compromised recording and / or mixing.

Focusrite2.jpg (16894 bytes)

Genelec 1031A Reference Monitors are designed specifically for mastering
applications where extreme listening accuracy is demanded.  The
mastering engineer needs to hear exactly what is transpiring
in the mix so proper signal processing can be applied.


Specialized digital software and hardware processors are also used to limit
 or omit loud peaks, maximize playback volume, and provide smoothness
 and volume continuity to the entire mastered disc.

And most importantly, the Mastering Engineers at Cue have years of experience
with fine tuning various types of recorded audio. Those same ears have helped
Cue win three consecutive years of
"Best Studio" awards by the
Washington Area Music Association, and multiple Gold and
Platinum recordings on major record labels.

Leaving the mastering process to duplication plants can cause unexpected
outcomes. Cue encourages attending your mastering session
personally where you can provide input and

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