The fine art of mastering:

  • Mastering is the final audio processing of the studio recordings or "mixes" prior to replication or duplication.   This phase is essential for a properly balanced and technically correct CD.  During this process, the mastering engineer will enhance and/or correct various parts of the recording with special equalizers, compressors, and other processors as necessary to achieve better sounding audio.   It is a skilled art requiring experienced ears and expensive mastering equipment. 
  • Audible processing includes specialized mastering equalizers to add warmth, sheen, punch, body, or other enhancements both directly audible to the ear and psychoacoustically perceivable.  The mastering engineer will equal out the volumes of consecutive tracks for maximum digital playback volume and level continuity.  Specific digital compression may be used for problem spots during certain tracks to maintain consistent overall amplitude. 
  • Track sequencing, editing, entry and exit fade curves, and other digital software applications may be needed.  Hums and noise may be partially reduced depending on the degree of loudness.  Relative running time between tracks can be delineated.
  • The hidden attributes of mastering include adding P & Q subcodes to the mastered CD for use by replication machines and some duplication machines.  The addition of digital black will allow for complete silence between audio tracks.  Digital peaks that could cause distortion are processed to acceptable tolerances.  Various other "behind the scenes" processing is done to ensure a great sounding mastered CD.
  • CDmaster is committed to providing the best sounding music and voice possible.  That's why when our clients decide to master their audio before duplication, we use Cue Recording Studios mastering engineers and facilities.  Their gold and platinum track record speaks for itself, and their mastering is the finest in the Nation's Capitol. 

Your audio is in good ears with CDmaster.

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